Tennessee Valley Mustang Club is a non-profit organization that relies on club membership dues to run the club. These funds go towards things like show insurance, club member events, maintenance expenses for the club trailer, and various other merchandise expenses like canopies, chairs, and even the pens and paper used to run our events and the club. Without club dues, we would not be able to focus the money we raise from car shows to give the considerable donations we give to our charities.

Benefits of Membership

Cost of Membership

Membership cost $30 annually. Membership dues are very inexpensive (about the price of a single car show entry) and are due annually. Save money by signing up with a multi-year membership plan - get a 5 year membership for the cost of 4 years! Your membership also includes your entire household - spouses and children are always welcome at our events and meetings! The youth is the future of our hobby and we want to include them as much as we can in our club.

PayPal is our payment processor but you do not have to have a PayPal account to check out. Simply click the card type you want to use below the PayPal buttons to use your credit card to pay. 

Membership Subscription

Want a membership subscription that will automatically renew your membership every year? We've got that now! Click any of these buttons to sign up for an annual subscription that renews each year on today's date. If you have information to update, such as your email address or car details, simply send the changes via email to hoofbeats.tvmc@gmail.com.

Annual Membership